Sunday, July 6, 2008


I am so sorry I haven't posted anything new in awhile. I've been super busy with my new smoothie business, kids, my hubby, and my home. I will try to post something before I head out to Ca on Wednesday.
Take care, Sandra


bellameabhn said...

i'll take a mango smoothie with a double shot of wheat grass, please! your "prize" is going out tomorrow. sorry it's going out later than i planned. also, you've been tagged! see my 7 facts tag post for details. abrazos,bella

mel4christ said...

oh wow, you have a new business??? Smoothies????? Yummmmmmm!!!!! It's 1 am and that is sounding so good right now! Congrats, what's it called? I hope it goes well. Can't wait to see your next post!!


Tracy said...

Sandra, I just wanted to let you know you won the Creative Comments on my blog!
Please email me, with your address and I will send you your goodies!!
Congratulations and Love your site!!

Kathy said...

You are a busy gal, with family, kids, CTMH and now a new business! Wow. Where do you find the time for all? LOL.

I thank you for your comment on my blog, the surgery went well and now I am on the healing mode! Thanks for your well wishes.

Good luck to you in ALL you do.

CTMH sister

Paper doll said...

Wow,smoothies HUH!!! I will take a mango smoothie as well, large please with a power boost!!!!

I was wondering what you were up too!

Jenn said...

I've been wondering where you have been and this explains it all! I love smoothies that is awesome that you have your own business!!! :D Take care and I can't wait to see what you post next!!! :D