Friday, July 25, 2008

Water Bottle Pouch & Journal

I had posted the original design of the Water bottle pouch here on my family blog. My sister-in-law is a Spanish teacher and has the summer off. She came down to visit for a few days and we actually got to make some really fun projects. I really haven't been in my scrapbook room at all this summer. So she wanted to give some of the staff a small gift and this is what we did. We made 16 pouches. I think I might make some for the staff at my boys' school.
This is a journal I made her.


Trinka said...

Love the journal and cute idea with the water bottle and drink mix...I will need to make some of those~

bellameabhn said...

welcome back sandra! love the new pink and brown argyle makeover! great gift para su hermana! you know i love your work, so i've nominated you. take a look at my blog for more info!

Takisha said...

hey sandra!
glad to see ya posting again.
You've been nominated for a blog award!
check out my blog to get the deets and follow the directions!
have a great weekend.

Nicole said...

Glad to see you alive and well!! I love that journal, and those water bottle thingies are always so cute and well loved.

Katie Renz said...

Hi Sandra! Nice "meeting" you and I'm glad that you stopped and said hello. I'm glad to hear you got in some fun crafty time. I've seen the water bottle pouches, but have yet to make one. As usual, I have to say add it to the list.